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Jessica Mora

I grew up in VA in a wonderful Christian home with amazing parents that I am so thankful for.

As a kid, I loved watching Unsolved Mysteries: Missing people, Bigfoot, Aliens, Paranormal – these topics always fascinated me.

Around the age of twelve I had my first paranormal experience. It strengthened my faith and also deepened my passion for the “unknown”.

I received a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree and practiced as a pharmacist for 15 years. Then I decided to take a sabbatical and started a business with my brother, Jeff, called Broken Branch Designs LLC, selling “Everything Sasquatch”. We travel to numerous events selling our items and have a blast meeting so many great people!   

Throughout my life experiences, I’ve learned to hold strong to my Faith knowing there is so much more to this life than we mere humans could ever imagine. 

*Matt 7:12


Kim Ristau

Hi I’m Kim and my love for cryptids and the paranormal started as a child, being raised in a family with many ufo and paranormal experiences in Oregon. Because of these strange experiences I found myself drawn to creating artwork pertaining to the subject matter.

It wasn’t until 2015, that I finally decided to make my art a career instead of a hobby. Now, you will find me in my studio in North Carolina creating ceramic mugs and sculptures of Bigfoot, aliens and other cryptids. And when I am not covered in clay, I like to create original illustrations for apparel. You can find my work on Facebook and Instagram (Elusive Hare) and my web store or catch me vending at bigfoot, paranormal or UFO events.

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